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Avelo warranty policy

Limited one-year warranty

The following items are cover by a one-year limited warranty, to be free from defects in materials, manufacturing, and workmanship.

  • Hydrotank cylinder (and its support system) including the composite overwrapped pressure vessel (COPV), bladder, poppet, adaptor, cup, high pressure hose, cage stand, positioning elbow, valve, and assembled components.

  • The Pump; including all internal and assembled components.

  • Battery cell and battery pack; including assembled components.

  • Battery charger; including the power supply, housing and assembled components.

  • Jetpack; hardware, fasteners, screws, and assembled components.

  • All wiring and electronic components.

  • All fabric, webbing, and straps. Covered with the exception of tears, rips and seam separation damage or defects.

The covered one-year period begins on the date the product arrives at the customer’s location. This warranty is retroactive and supersedes all prior warranties.

Limitations and exclusions apply.

DANGER: Never ship a pressurized (charged) cylinder! Pressure from cylinders must be vented per regulatory standards and their valves removed.

What’s covered

All warranties apply only to those products operated during Avelo standard scuba diving usage by a certified Avelo diver and used as indicated by the Avelo Dive System User Manual and in accordance with a Recreational Avelo Diver (RAD) Program.

Warranties only apply to equipment that has been properly serviced and maintained by a currently certified Avelo Technician (AT) and in accordance with the Avelo Technical Manual using only Avelo approved parts and procedures.

Should any Avelo product be found defective during the warranty period, Avelo, at its discretion, will repair or replace the component for no charge.

What’s not covered

Avelo Warranties do not cover damage to the product resulting from normal wear and tear, excessive usage, improper usage, improper maintenance, improper cleaning, neglect of care, alteration or unauthorized repair. All repairs made, not covered under the terms of a warranty, will be made at the owner’s expense.

Many products require scheduled maintenance, regular cleaning, and specific inspections. All warranties will automatically become void if products have not been properly cared for, including preventative maintenance procedures, in accordance with the appropriate care instructions referenced in the User Manual.

All repair and maintenance services must be performed by a currently certified Avelo Technician (AT) and in accordance with the Avelo Technical Manual using only Avelo approved parts and procedures.

No claims will be accepted for cosmetic damage or defects. Including scratches, stains, rips, chips, fading and fabric seam separation.

If deemed covered by a warranty, Avelo will not cover costs associated with initial shipping, rental of equipment while waiting for service, indirect expenses, opportunity costs, or anything not specifically listed as covered.

All Avelo warranties are non-transferrable and become void if equipment is purchased from an unauthorized seller, person, or dealer; or if product is used commercially, for military applications, or any non-recreational or non-scuba diving purposes.

Warranty claims

In order to be considered for a warranty claim, please follow these procedures.

  • Step One: Bring the product to any authorized Avelo Technician (AT) or an official Avelo Dive Center (ADC) or authorized Dealer.

  • Step Two: The Avelo Technician (AT) will ensure that the product is properly registered and will submit a Request for Review form electronically within the Avelo web-based platform. This starts the process. Proof of purchase may also be required, if requested.

  • Step Three: In response to the Request for Review, the Avelo Team will contact the Avelo Technician (AT) to discuss the issue. The Avelo Team, at Avelo’s discretion, will determine if it is necessary, or not, to ship the item to Avelo for further analysis. If is it necessary, then the product’s owner is responsible for any and all freight charges.

  • Step Four: The Avelo Team will investigate the request, and at Avelo’s discretion, will either approve or deny it.

    • If deemed covered by a warranty, Avelo will either repair or replace the product. Avelo will provide all the necessary parts, labor and return shipping, to rectify the situation.

    • If deemed not covered by a warranty, Avelo will return the product to its owner and we will offer the owner any advice or suggestions to help resolve the problem. The product’s owner is responsible for any and all freight charges if deemed not covered by warranty.

At no time will a product of questionable integrity be returned to the customer.

Avelo reserves the right to substitute a product of equal or greater value when exact product, model, or version is not available.

No salesperson, dealer or representative is authorized to make any modifications to this warranty or to make additional warranties on behalf of Avelo Labs Inc.

If the owner is unable to locate an authorized ADC or certified Avelo Technician; or if they have any questions regarding the warranty claim process, please contact Avelo via our website.

This is a living document hosted on the Avelo Labs website. Access is available by visiting DiveAvelo.com/warranties. Note that you may need to refresh your browser or clear your cache, to view the most recent version.

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