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Avelo Dive Centers

Learn to dive Avelo by taking our Recreational Avelo Diver (RAD) course with an Avelo Dive Center.

Avelo Dive Centers

Learn to dive Avelo by taking our Recreational Avelo Diver (RAD) course with an Avelo Dive Center.

Avelo Dive Centers

Find dive centers where you can become an Avelo diver

Learn to dive the Avelo System. We’re proud of our roots as a Maui-born company and are excited to announce our first Avelo Dive Center, Dive With Harmony in Maui. This Avelo Dive Center is equipped with Avelo, trained Avelo Instructors, and Avelo Technicians. Anyone may schedule their RAD course with our Avelo Dive Centers or book trips for extended dive experiences using this revolutionary equipment.

Dive With Harmony

1000 Limahana Pl Unit B

Lahaina, HI 96761



Recreational Avelo Diver (RAD) course

Earn your certification through our educational course. Learn more about what’s involved in the RAD course.

Avelo Dive Centers

Experience the Avelo System and complete your required Avelo dives by joining one of our dive trips.

We partner with dive shops that want to help new and existing divers immediately experience the freedom of diving. We offer our equipment, specialty training courses, and all the needed service parts.

To begin the process of becoming a dive center, learn to dive the Avelo System on Maui.

Offer the Avelo System to your divers by becoming an Avelo Dive Center (ADC). As an ADC, you’ll be able to teach our Avelo specialty course and maintain and sell Avelo equipment.

Qualified dive instructors will be able to become Avelo instructors by completing our Avelo Pro course. One of the prerequisites for teaching Avelo is to complete your Avelo specialty certification and ten dives on Avelo. Start preparing your dive shop to offer Avelo by joining one of our dive trips.

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The path to becoming an Avelo Dive Center


Get your Avelo experience

To offer the Avelo System, become an Avelo Dive Center. As an Avelo Dive Center, you need Avelo Instructors and Technicians to teach and maintain the equipment. Your instructors can gain the prerequisites they need to become Avelo Instructors through our dive trips.



Dive shops who participate in our Avelo Dive Centers will be ahead on their application process. We will offer applications to participating dive shops as soon as equipment pricing is available.



It’s an investment. Trying the system in Maui not only gives your instructors the qualifications they need, but it also provides an opportunity to try the system and to learn how to sell the system. Equipment will at first be available to Avelo Dive Centers for them to train students with and rent. Avelo Dive Centers can sell equipment once inventory is available.

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