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Teach Avelo

Complete your prerequisites for the Avelo Pro course through our dive trips in Maui.

Teach Avelo

Complete your prerequisites for the Avelo Pro course through our dive trips in Maui.

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Teaching details

Offer Avelo to your certified divers as a specialty that provides precision control for their buoyancy, extends their dive times, and makes their diving safer.

Who can teach

An active, Avelo-certified instructor affiliated with an Avelo Dive Center.

Student to Instructor Ratio


Unlimited, so long as adequate facility, supplies and time are provided to ensure comprehensive and complete training of subject matter

In-water training

Maximum of 6 students per instructor

The instructor may use their discretion to reduce this number as conditions dictate. The instructor has the option of adding 2 more students with the assistance of an active Avelo Instructor. The total number of students an instructor may have in the water is 8.

Avelo Pro candidate prerequisites

  1. Complete the Recreational Avelo Diver (RAD) specialty course.
  2. Have a minimum of 10 dives on the Avelo System.
  3. Complete the Avelo Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Form.
  4. Complete the Diver Medical Participant Questionnaire. If the student has answered yes to any of the questions, a physician sign-off on an approved form is required. All forms can be found here: https://www.uhms.org/resources/recreational-diving-medical-screening-system.html
  5. The facility/instructor is required to acknowledge the current medical check box on Avelo’s website.
  6. Minimum age 18 years-old
  7. Avelo Instructor candidates must be an open water scuba instructor.
  8. Assistant open water instructors or divemasters may participate in the Avelo Pro course and become certified as Avelo Assist until they qualify for Avelo Instructor.
  9. Proof of swim test (confirmed by the ADC). 400-meter swim in less than 12 minutes 15-minute tread (last 2 minutes with hands out of the water) 800-meter snorkel swim in less than 20 minutes 100-meter tow in less than 3 minutes
  10. Avelo Instructor candidates must:
    Have a minimum of 300 open water dives and a minimum of 200 hours of total dive time (standard or Avelo).
    Provide proof that they certified a minimum of the following standard scuba certifications:
    1. 100 open water or equivalent, and either;
      1. 20 advanced open water or equivalent; or
      2. 40 specialty (with dives) or equivalent
    2. Five rescue or equivalent
    3. Three divemasters

Avelo professional certification pathway

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