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Diving Avelo

Learn more about what it's like to dive the Avelo System and how our product is offered.

Diving Avelo

Learn more about what it's like to dive the Avelo System and how our product is offered.

A day of diving

Made for every dive site from shore diving and boats to exotic destinations in all climates

We offer our products to dive shops who become Avelo dive centers so that they can provide the training, equipment, and technical support you need to enjoy the freedom of diving a lightweight system with superior buoyancy control.

You’ll be able to rent the Avelo System, including Hydrotanks, in the same way you rent other tanks today. This means you’ll have less to pack as you head out for your next dive adventure.

As we release more information, we’ll share this first with our Avelo Insiders. This free program helps us provide content specific to your interests.

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The equipment


Our Hydrotank is a specially designed tank that can be swapped out between dives as with any other tank. It's the heart of the Avelo System and is why our product provides perfect neutral buoyancy.

The Hydrotank comes with a standard 4,350 psi (300 bar) DIN valve that is compatible with any regulator rated to 4,350 psi. Most regulators today are rated to 4,350 psi as long as they are equipped with an appropriate DIN connection.

* Refer to the user manual for your regulator to check compatibility with 4,350 psi (300 bar).

The Jetpack

Our Jetpack is a backplate system uniquely designed to hold and operate the Hydrotank, as well as give you a place to store all your goodies.

We keep it streamlined, but any number of accessories can be added beyond our standard D-rings for special needs such as pockets, cutting devices, and SMBs.

Charging the battery

Our rechargeable battery recharges within 40 minutes and can be swapped out with another battery or removed for charging.

The battery uses the same technology as that used in underwater lights for cave diving. An indicator light will appear green when the battery is ready to dive.

The number of dives you can get on a battery depends on your experience. The Experimental Dive Team gets 7 to 8 dives on a battery while a new diver gets 2 to 4 dives.

In the field

Wetsuits and dry suits

Wetsuits do not compress as much as you think. The Experimental Dive Team completed more than 1,300 dives in suits that range from skins to 10mm. Any thickness wetsuit works with the Avelo System without requiring the additional weight required by a standard scuba system.

Diving with the Avelo System while using a dry suit will still provide all the lightweight benefits of the system.

Safety matters

Our Recreational Avelo Diver (RAD) course teaches all safety scenarios, including failures. All possible failures of the Avelo System allow a diver ample time to respond and end a dive normally.

The Avelo System does not allow the uncontrolled ascents and descents that occur with standard scuba systems using a BCD. The Avelo System is manually controlled. No automation is required because divers instantly become experts at controlling their buoyancy by using their lungs.

Avelo Dive Centers

Dive shops and resorts are the heart of diving.

We will be working with dive shops to offer our gear, certification and training, and equipment technical support services. The first Avelo Dive Centers will be announced in 2022.

The pricing structure will also be released in 2022. We'd love to tell you exact costs now, but we want to be able to offer final and accurate pricing. We strive to do things correctly rather than quickly. Costs are comparable to standard scuba systems.

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